Disclaimer (Products)

Disclaimer, we try to the best of our ability to provide 100% human hair. However it needs to be noted that the hair industry is completely unregulated, there are no legal requirements, standards, processes, or quality assurance.

There have been instances in which bundles have contained fillers (non human hair fibres) to fill out the bundles. They can range from gold, red, orange, ginger type strands. On the other hand some donors may have henna'd their hair, this turns grey strands a ginger type colour.

We mitigate this by performing due diligence which consists of thorough vetting, sampling and testing. However there may be times in which dishonest suppliers, or simply a bad batch of hair gets through the supply chain, when you purchase with us you agree to accept this risk, and Sumru.co.uk cannot be held responsible for this.