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Sumru is an Arabic-origin word which refers to the highest part of something; peak or summit.

We endeavour to live up to the name, we want to be known as the peak of luxury hair. Continue reading to learn our story.

Been natural most my life. I enjoy wearing my hair in its natural form, braids or pressed. However, wigs are my favourite, daily go-to style. I love that they are a low manipulation style, protect my natural hair and help with length retention. Wigs are a core part of my hair care and styling regime.

I enjoy hair extensions, switching up my look. Quality is everything to me, I am happy to go to the best stylists, and invest in my wigs and bundles. When it comes to hair I love luxury.

However, there were times in which I had invested a decent sum of money in some big brand companies that claimed they offered great hair.

terrible matted lace closure wigThe last straw was when I invested in a custom wig just for it to fall unwearable in 8 weeks. The wig was beautifully constructed, it was perfect in every way. Except the hair was the worse hair I have ever experienced. It became a literal birds nest. I was annoyed because the hair did not live up to its expectation. I paid for luxury and received low-quality hair. I was done with the disappointments and that led me to stumble upon my passion.

Determined to enjoy the best hair extension, I made it my duty to source high-quality luxury hair to introduce to the market. I started to test hair from China and found a pretty good vendor by current market standards. However I was still displeased with some qualities of the hair, I was over hair that just was not to my standards. However I couldn't give up now, I was too deep in the rabbit hole.

Persistence prevailed, continuing research led me to explore South-Eastern Asian hair. That is when I came across the most gorgeous bundles, full from root to tip, medium to low lustre, blends well with leave out and can handle chemical processes and heat styling. This is when Sumru was born.

Sumru Luxury Hair is for the classy, discerning woman that enjoys hair extensions that complement her look and express her beauty and style.

Here is a sneak peek of what we will be offering:

Sumru - Wavy Hair Bundle Sumru - Straight Hair Bundle

We intend to launch our product range in July 2020. We look forward to serving you with bespoke opulent hair extensions.

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